Frydenberg: Live up to your Government’s promise to protect our whale sanctuary


I was extremely outraged when I witnessed the shocking footage of whales fighting for their lives that was released by Sea Shepherd last week.


It made me physically ill and tremendously angry and is another stark reminder of the sheer brutality and senselessness of killing these intelligent and environmentally significant animals.


Being in my third year of studying wildlife science, I have a strong interest in population genetics and believe that some whales species may never recover from the intense overhunting that occurred in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, which nearly wiped out a number of species, including Humpbacks.


The intense hunting of Northern Pacific Right whales by Japanese whalers in the past severely devastated their stocks, which merely forced the whalers to pick a different target species.


Currently, Japanese whalers target Minke whales, which have experienced a decline in numbers. It does not take a scientist to understand why this has occurred, especially when many of the whales slaughtered are pregnant females.


As a constituent living in Josh Frydenberg’s electorate of Kooyong, I truly believe that our Environment Minister should be protecting all whales that live in Australia’s whale sanctuary in the Southern Ocean.


I would like our Member of Parliament to create more awareness in Parliament about the plight of the whales in the Southern Ocean and put pressure on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to live up to his election promise and represent the Australian people by sending a Customs vessel to oppose the Japanese whalers.


We cannot allow the Japanese whaling fleet to continue to slaughter whales in this unsustainable and illegal fashion.


As a voter with a voice, I really want the Australian Government to step-up and enforce the laws governing the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.


Nicki Wilson

Sea Shepherd On-shore Volunteer in Melbourne (Kooyong)