"If the oceans die, we die."

I am an avid lover of the ocean and all marine life. Many people are, and yet, many people don’t realise the threat the whole ecosystem is under due to Japanese whaling. I am passionate about defending and protecting whales because of the role these beautiful creatures play in the environment.

To disrupt and poach these animals creates an unbalanced habitat will not only affect marine life but also all of humankind. Without the existence of whales, the entire world’s ecosystem would see a huge negative shift. Everyone and everything would be affected by this change.

When I first watched the Australian Customs whaling footage, I couldn’t help but feel disgusted. Not just from the fact that the video itself was confronting and distressing, but because of how the government can sit back and let this happen after nine years of keeping this video from being publicly released.

The footage depicts the Japanese whale poachers chasing Minke whales in the Southern Ocean. The Minke whales swam for their lives until they became so exhausted that they were then easily and brutally harpooned by the Japanese whalers. To see an animal that is supposedly protected by law, and yet killed in its own habitat, saddens me. It makes me feel helpless to the injustice that is occurring in our very own waters. 

I have been with Sea Shepherd as an on-shore volunteer for just over one year. In that time, I have been involved in Sea Shepherd events, including our Stand Fast Festival last October, and various markets around Brisbane.

I would like my electorate member of parliament, Peter Dutton, to fulfil his responsibilities and political obligations. There should be an ongoing pressure towards Japan to comply with its international obligations. Japan must be confronted on the issue without our Australian Government being so afraid of stirring the pot and impacting its international relations.

Peter Dutton, along with cabinet members, including the Minister for Foreign Affairs, and the Prime Minister should put forward the illegal activities of Japanese whaling. The Government already has the political power to defend these whales.

We should not be solely relied on to defend whales when we could put money and resources into other campaigns around the world.

To reinforce this change, there must be stronger political pressure from society to continue the fight for the oceans, for there will be no change if we stay silent.

Allysha Bianco
Sea Shepherd On-shore Volunteer